Open Morning – 23.05.24

It was wonderful that our open morning today was so well attended. The children were so proud to share their learning; we really do appreciate the support of all the families at Aston St. Mary’s. Thank you for the wonderful feedback – some examples are below:

  • Such a lovely opportunity to come in to see the learning and feel the positive, buzzy atmosphere at Aston. Thank you.
  • Excellent displays.  Lovely to show how keen all the children are to show their wonderful work! Thank you.
  • The girls are always so excited to show off their classroom and school and wonderful things they have done throughout the year.
  • Is lovely to see their work.  The children are so proud.
  • Really enjoyed seeing the kids work and them showing me around the school.
  • Very informative visit seeing what the children have been learning.  Very useful visit.
  • It was lovely to see the progress each of my children made.  They were so excited to show me their work! Thank you to all the staff for their ongoing hard work.
  • Excellent work with the children.  I can see progress and the children are happy. Thank you for all the good work.
  • Great to see all the fantastic learning in the different classrooms.  The children are so engaged. Thank you for the opportunity to see things in action.
  • Lovely morning to able to see the children show off their work.
  • It was really great to see all the fantastic work! Having access to read the books with the children without interruption was really enjoyable for me and the children.
  • Great chance to see the children’s work. All the children are so excited about their learnin and are proud to show it off.  Thank you.
  • Organisation very well I loved the open morning gave us a chance to catch up with children’s work.
  • I always like to attend these as the girls enjoy taking you round their classes and showing you their work.