Summer Term 2022

This half term in history, we will be learning about the Mayan empire. Some of our learning questions will include: What was life like at the height of the Mayan civilization? Why did Mayans carry out human sacrifice? How can we solve the riddle of why the empire declined so rapidly?

In science, we will be learning about the human circulatory system. We will learn about how the heart and lungs work and what is meant by ‘double circulation’.

Our learning in English will be inspired by ‘Arthur Spiderwick’s Field guide to the Fantastical World Around You’. During this unit we will be writing for many different purposes including: a warning poster, a free-verse poem, a diary entry, a live-action news report a character description and an explanation. Our final extended piece will be a formal non-chronological report in the style of Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide.