Cave Art Finger Painting

This term, our art lessons are intertwined with our History topic: the journey from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. To truly immerse ourselves in this ancient period, we decided to replicate the painting techniques used by Stone Age people. By mushing up chalk with water and mud, we created our own version of ochre-based paint, similar to the natural pigments used thousands of years ago.

Our class had an exciting time experimenting with positive and negative handprints, creating a stunning gallery wall adorned with our handprints. It was wonderful to see everyone working together, with students helping each other hold the paint and carefully mixing it to the perfect consistency.

As we delved deeper into understanding who Stone Age people were, we discovered that their art was more than just decoration. It was a form of storytelling and communication, a way to leave a mark on the world. We even pondered whether those ancient artists imagined their handprints would be seen as far in the future as 2024!

Our exploration of Stone Age art has given us a unique glimpse into the lives of early humans and their communities. It’s a fascinating journey, and we’re excited to continue uncovering the stories behind the marks they left behind.