Our First Forest School Session

During Forest School today we talked about some of the things we might do during our sessions. We looked at some of Mrs Skulls films of wildlife she had filmed which we might see at school. We went onto the field and had a walk around some of the areas we might use for Forest School. We looked at the Forest School area and the Chalk Tree Woods where we saw some Gruffalo footprints.
In the Chalk Tree woods we have some small trees and the grass is left longer for the insects, butterflies and moths. We found some nuts which had been nibbled. We noticed that they had been eaten by two different animals and decided it was probably a squirrel and a mouse.
At the bottom of the field we sat together and did a little bit of Shinrin Yoku which is Japanese for Forest Bathing. We sat very quietly and listened to all the sounds around us using our ‘deer ears’ by cupping our hands behind our ears which helps us to listen. We could hear lots of birds, an aeroplane and the wind in the trees. We then went to hug a tree and felt it’s bark and noticed that some was smooth and some was rough.
We finished off with a game of ‘ Go find it’. Mrs Skull showed us a card and we had to find something which was named on the card such as something green, something soft, something small etc. The children had great fun and we are looking forward to next weeks Forest School session.

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