We have been learning all about space and how real astronauts travel to space. We have looked at the types of vehicles they use including rockets and space shuttles. We all designed our own space vehicle thinking about the resources that we could use.

We explored some other vehicles in our small world and created some of our own space images.

We watched a video of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. And created our own role play area which included a dashboard for a space shuttle which we designed ourselves. We spoke about gravity and why the astronauts look like they are bouncing. We did our own experiment to see which objects fell to the ground the quickest. We then did some ‘anti-gravity drawing’ underneath a table, which the children thought was great fun! We even spent time doing some ‘anti-gravity writing’ under our tables. We found in very challenging writing whilst laying on our backs. We talked a lot about the kinds of jobs astronauts have to do whilst in difficult positions.

We also looked at some of the different planets and the constellations of stars. The children worked in pairs to create the constellations using a card to help them. We looked at Cassiopeia which looks like a W shape and Orion which is a bit like a H and some others too. The children were very pleased with their constellations.