Plastic Not Fantastic

On Wednesday 5th June, we celebrated World Environment day. Our theme for the day focused on the negative effect that plastic is having on our world’s oceans, the dangers it is causing to our environment and the small changes we can make to our lives to help stop this. 

We started the day with a whole school fashion show. It was wonderful to see the creative outfits and accessories children had made from reusable and recycled materials. We then went back to our classes and spent the day learning about plastic pollution. The teachers planned many exciting and thought provoking activities. Shackadell made kites and mobiles from recycled plastic. Peartree made bird feeders from food which would normally end up in landfill. Orchard read the story “The Day the Ocean Went Away” and wrote persuasive pieces of writing based upon this text. Haffydown researched the effects of plastic pollution and could choose how they presented their findings such as posters and news reports. Danes wrote poems about plastic which they then performed. It was wonderful to see the children learning about this important message in so many different ways. At the end of the day, each class shared their learning in a special assembly. Finally, we all made our own personal pledges about how we can stop plastic pollution in our oceans. Ideas included using a reusable water bottle and saying no to plastic straws. 

Throughout the day, each class contributed towards making our own plastic whale using the plastic bottle tops which you have all kindly been bringing in over the past few weeks. As well as looking absolutely amazing, the plastic whale will remain as a perfect reminder of why we need to take action now and make a change against plastic pollution.