Forest School @ Heath Mount

Since half term, Year 6 have been enjoying swimming lessons at Heath Mount School. They are split into two groups, whilst one group swims the other has a Forest school session led by Mrs Skull. Today, they were set the task of building a skeleton using any of the forest materials. Whilst working, they had to create a story as to why the skeleton was there. Their work was fantastic!

Here are a couple of the stories:

A previous member of staff from Heath Mount School was found deceased. This discovery, approximately three years after John Remains disappeared in the early hours of the morning, is assumed to be the forest school teacher. By the appearance and state of the body, we assume an electric storm occurred striking with around 5,000 volts and removing numerous ribs and fingers. Teachers and pupils from the local school miss him dearly and are sad about his passing. Further information and photographic evidence is to be sent to the police for further investigation.


A guy named Bob Ross was walking home from work then realised he had forgotten his keys. It was getting dark so he slept outside. He grew hungry and started eating everything in his sight – including foxglove, a poisonous plant. This burned him from the inside. He has also eaten some berries which make your bones grow. All he had left was bones and his hair since he had used some shampoo that morning which protects your hair from everything!


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