My Perfect Student

By Mr B.C

has Mia’s bows,

has josh’s determination,

has Leon’s politeness,

has Paris’ running,

has Isadora’s friendliness,

has Cameron’s ability,

has Harry’s sense of humour,

has Max H’s hair,

has Nyah’s caring mind,

has Ray’s cheekiness,

has Tate’s cuteness,

has Jack’s effort,

has Aiden O’s maths brain,

has Betsy’s fashion sense,

has Lily-Anne’s cart wheeling skills,

has Finley’s manners,

has Alfie’s footballing skills,

has Rosie’s smile,

has Max B’s caring nature,

has Poppy’s beautiful writing,

has Mika’s sports ability,

has Logan’s laugh,

has Sophie’s style,

has Aidan S’ perseverance,

has Nathaniel’s charm.

My perfect student is all of YOU!

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