PGL 22nd – 26th October 2018

Saturday 27th October

Just a taster of the photos we have of the trip – there are so many more! Please join us for our assembly on Monday 12th November at 2:45pm. We look forward to sharing memories of our trip with you.

Thursday 25th October 2018 9:50am

This will be my final post as we need to rise earlier than usual in the morning to get everything packed up and out of our rooms before breakfast!

Today was an adrenalin junkies dream! Zip wire this morning involved climbing first a long ladder, then the trunk of an extremely large oak tree. At the top of the climb you then had to struggle round the tree onto a rather small platform which was so high up. Most people, including Mrs Carter, felt the need to hug the tree at this point! This avoided facing the drop in front. Having stepped off the platform the rest was easy! A fantastic experience where, once again, so many children pushed themselves to their very limit to conquer their fears. Once such example was Lacey, whose fears looked like they might get the better of her but – in true Lacey style – she was not to be beaten!

Also this morning the children enjoyed the quad bikes (sadly all the staff were told they were too old to ride – harsh!) Here Max stood out for his expert driving skills and total of fear for speed – he even took a corner on two wheels (watch out when he turns 17!)

I have to admit that Jacob’s ladder had me literally shaking with fear (and I only made it to the forth rung!) Mr Bower put me to shame by getting to number seven with relative ease. However, Archie made it look even easier – as he has done with every high challenge.

Freddie and Olivia were the closest thing Aston St. Mary’s have got to a real life Robin Hood. They both managed to hit a bulls-eye in archery. The children enjoyed competing against each other in a variety of fun archery games.

As a staff team, we have really enjoyed the company of this wonderful group of children this week. They have left us literally crying with laughter and feeling immensely proud of all of their achievements. A shining example of this would be Jack who is just such fun to be with and who has shown support and compassion which probably explains his popularity amongst his peers.

We ended our day with a crazy game of robot wars and everyone is now tucked up in bed and looking forward to seeing their families again tomorrow.


Thursday 25th October 2018 6:50am

Another peaceful night – all the children are still fast asleep now. We will wake them in a few minutes so they can be ready for another big breakfast and, more importantly, the arrival of Mr Bower! This morning we have quad bikes and zip wire to look forward to. Check back later to hear about the highlights of the day.

Wednesday 24th October 2018 9:30pm

Another wonderful day of sunshine and so many impressive achievements and special moments. The giant swing is, without doubt, an extreme and quite terrifying challenge which every child faced with impressive courage. Many made it to the very top and others pushed themselves as far as their nerves could take them. Cassie’s determination to exceed her personal best to go higher on her second swing made every single member of her group so proud. It was thanks to Vrushti that I made it to the top as she was my partner and looked after me all the way!

Aeroball was a firm favourite for everyone and there were many impressive scores. Lunch was also a favourite – you wouldn’t believe how many plates are filled and emptied every single mealtime (in addition to the regular sweet snacks throughout the day – thank you parents!)

The next high challenge of the day was the trapeze. This involves climbing a very tall and wobbly pole and then standing on the top before jumping off and trying to hit a target some distance in front. Our children are amazing how you can witness their mental battles as they push themselves to the very limit. Oscar and Harry were two such examples. Earlier in the day they had tackled the swing and then when they arrived at trapeze they stunned their whole group – both of them went straight to the top of the pole. Well done boys. Moments when you observe such personal success are very special indeed. I truly believe that part of the reason we have so many such moments are because of the support offered by our children to our children. Both Finley and Chloe have stood out for the way they encourage, praise and help everyone around them. Once again, we have had instructors commenting on the outstanding attitudes of our children.

As we go from one activity to the next, some children just seem to take every challenge in their stride showing skill and confidence and very little fear – Connie, Josh, Jessica and George would be a few such examples.

The children were delighted to end their day with the announcement of the Mrs Woodhams room inspection results! Two of the four rooms received full marks with another not far behind. There are only four bedrooms – so we’ll leave you to ask your child if they were a member of the fourth bedroom!! To be fair, some children in this room have also been trying hard to keep things organised. Thanks Mrs Woodhams for organising this – I have never known such tidy rooms on a school trip!

All children were in bed by 9:15 tonight – let’s hope that they sleep until 7am again!

Wednesday 24th October 2018 6:40am

Impressive work! All the children were asleep by 10pm and no one has woken yet! I have a feeling that it could be hard to wake them in 20 minutes time! Perhaps receiving their letters from home with the wake-up call will motivate them to open their eyes! Breakfast is at 7:50am (sausages and beans today – along with porridge, cereal, toast, yogurts, fruit and more) followed by giant swing and aeroball before lunch. Next update…this evening when you can read all about the fun we’ve had today!

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 9:40pm

Gosh! We have had a simply amazing day. Abseiling is an extremely tough challenge, and particularly hard when it is one of the first activities of the week. It is hard to describe just how scary it can be at the top of the tower and be faced with stepping off the edge backwards. All of the children faced this with great courage and determination. Everyone was particularly proud of both Emma and Ruby who were both brave enough to attempt a second go after struggling on their first attempt. Both came down the wall like professionals on their second attempts and were rightly immensely proud that they had done so! We were proud of every single one of them – not only for their own achievements, but also for encouraging a group of younger children whilst they tackled an adjacent activity. A special mention should also go to Mrs Carter who also made it down the wall!

The sensory trail demanded a completely different kind of determination and also relied on the whole group working effectively as a team. They had to tackle an obstacle course in the woods whilst blind-folded, relying solely on instructions from each other and also keeping a hand on the shoulder of the person in front. Alfie and Lucas were identified by the PGL staff as being the most effective leaders in their groups. Great work boys!

We really have been blessed with beautiful weather today, which we particularly appreciated during the raft building session. I have seen this activity many times before – but never have I seen such well constructed rafts that some year 6 girls actually managed to stay dry! This wasn’t the case for the rest of the children as one or two slipped off their rafts (Myles took the lead here!) and eventually many decided to join the fun by jumping into the lake! Once again, our children displayed true Aston values with some helping to return and dismantle rafts that weren’t even their own. 

We ended our day with songs around the campfire, toasted marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. After this a rare thing happened…the children were asking to go to bed!!

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 6:50am

What a wonderful group of children we have! They have slept well and shown great consideration for each other by staying quiet and allowing each other to sleep. We will be waking the children in about 10 minutes ready for breakfast at 7:45am. This morning we will be abseiling and tackling the sensory trail. After lunch, we have raft building. Watch out for an update later in the day to find out how we have got on.


Monday 22nd October 9:50 pm

What a great start to our week! The children have been absolutely wonderful all day and are now happily snuggled up in their beds. We arrived at the centre at about 3pm and had some time to unpack before having a tour of the site – during which the children enjoyed learning several silly songs. Dinner was at 6 o’clock and then by 7:30 we ready to set off for our evening activity – Ambush! It was very dark in the woods and it is amazing how quiet the children can be when asked to lie down on the forest floor with torches off and just wait whilst the other team try to find them. It was only Mrs Carter who managed to trip up … she was clearly just a little too excited! Thank you so much to everyone who donated treats – the children really did appreciate a biscuit before bed. PGL staff have already commented on what a lovely group they are, let’s hope for a quiet night before a full day of activities tomorrow.

Sunday 21st October 2018

Only one more sleep until Danes class set off on their PGL adventure! Remember to have an early lunch before arriving at school tomorrow between 12:00 and 12:15. We hope to set off by 1pm and should arrive at PGL around 3pm. A HUGE thank you to all the parents for enabling the children to go on the trip. Please check back here throughout the week for updates about our adventures.

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