Progression of RE Core Concepts

Progression of RE Core Concepts

This progression document looks more closely at how Aston St Marys School implements the teaching of Christianity across the school. The way that lessons are sequenced and how they progress across year groups is key to creating children who are theologically literate. 

We want pupils to understand Christianity

 There are eight core concepts at the heart of Christianity that pupils need to understand. These concepts tell the ‘big story’ of the Bible 


Pupils will encounter these concepts a number of times as they move through the school. 

They build up their understanding — we’ve identified ‘knowledge building blocks’ related to each concept. 


Pupils will encounter these concepts, and teachers will teach them through key questions, using a model with three elements. This develops pupils’ abilities to make sense of texts related to the core concepts, to understand the impact of belief in these concepts in the lives of Christians and the Christian community, and to make connections beyond the concepts with other learning, including pupils’ own responses. 

Each pupil’s development in these three elements is assessed against end-of-phase outcomes. 

GOAL: Theologically literate pupils! Able to make sense of texts and varied interpretations, to understand the impact of beliefs in the lives of Christians, and to make connections to wider learning and to themselves. 

This progression document looks closely at the core concept of Incarnation and how the concept is explored through the three stages: 

  • Making sense of the text: developing pupils’ skills of reading and interpretation; understanding how Christians interpret, handle and use biblical texts; making sense of the meanings of texts for Christians.  
  • Understanding the impact: examining ways in which Christians respond to biblical texts and teachings, and how they put their beliefs into action in diverse ways within the Christian community and in the world.  
  • Making connections: evaluating, reflecting on and connecting the texts and concepts studied, and discerning possible connections between these and pupils’ own lives and ways of understanding the world.  

Each year the children will also build on their knowledge building blocks within the core concept of incarnation in Christianity. 

Example Progression of RE Core Concepts

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