Christmas Around the World Day

On Tuesday 7th December, the whole school enjoyed a fun filled geography and RE enrichment day to discover how Christmas is celebrated around the world in different countries and cultures. Every class was assigned with a different continent to focus on. Our Continent was Asia.

Firstly, we visited Indonesia where the hot climate means pine trees do not grow. Instead, Christmas trees are made of chicken’s feathers on the island of Bali and we had a go at making some ourselves. Next, we stopped off in China where even though less than 1% of the population are Christian, they still enjoy celebrating Christmas and gift each other apples as a sign of love and joy. We decorated our own gift boxes and put an apple inside for those we love. Lastly, we visited the Philippines which is the only predominantly Christian country in Asia. Here the “parol” star is a popular Christmas decoration made from bamboo sticks. We made our own from paper plates and tissue. Don’t they look beautiful?