DT: Textiles – Cushion Making Summer 2022

In Design and Technology, we have been developing our skills working with textiles. Our challenge was to design and make an attractive cushion that would also be durable. Before we could begin designing, we did lots of research – we handled and investigated a collection of cushions as well as looking at designs online. Next, we needed to practise the skills that we would need in order to make our cushion. We practised using a template to pin onto fabric before cutting. We also practised our embroidery skills (running stitch and back stitch) – some of us also got to grips with how to sew a button onto fabric. Next, we practised using a sewing machine. In order to practise all these skills, we made some Jubilee bunting which we used to decorate our classroom for our Jubilee celebrations. It was then used to decorate the church.

When designing our cushions, we needed to think of a simple but effective design and consider the fabrics that we wished to use. We are so proud of our finished cushions – we love using them on our chairs in the classroom and cant’t wait to take them home!