Extreme Earth

In geography this term, we will be learning about geological forces from deep within the Earth. We will find out about volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. As part of our learning we will explore the structure of the Earth and how the movement of plates can cause natural disasters. We will locate plate boundaries on a world map and learn about the ‘Ring of Fire’. We will also consider the effects of these natural events on society – both advantages and disadvantages.

We have an exciting trip planned to the Natural History Museum which will support and enhance our learning. We will enjoy an action-packed, interactive session called the ‘Emergency! Earthquakes and Volcanoes Show’. We will also visit the Earth galleries where we will be able to experince what an earthquake would actually feel like.

Later in the term, we will conduct our own TREES enquiry to explore a specific Earth event and its impact. We will need to consider how we can present our findings most effectively to engage our audience.