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School Governors are essential for the effective management and development of a school. They help to provide strategic management, make executive decisions and are there to support and challenge the school leaders.

Governors get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the school, understanding the challenges it faces, and are directly involved in setting appropriate priorities for improvement. They engage regularly with staff, pupils and parents and respond quickly to their views and any significant concerns they may have. They carry out their statutory duties and ensure that the pupils and staff are safe.  So, from finance to site management, staffing to marketing and pupil welfare to curriculum development, every School Governor is guaranteed to use their experience and broaden their skills and knowledge in some way, with training and support always available.


Mr Andrew Martin (Chair)  

Mrs Julie Winwood (Headteacher)

Mrs Lianne Holmes

Canon Brenda Tipping  

Mrs Jane Andrews

Mrs Charlotte Claydon (Vice Chair)

Mr Roy Falder

Miss Carol Skull

Mrs Barbara Elliott

Mr Terry Reed

Mrs Joyce Asemota

Mrs Margaret Gibbs

Mrs Jennifer Meek (Clerk)


School FundWhat is the school fund? Aston St Mary’s is a Voluntary Aided school.  Voluntary Aided status allows Aston to be run as a Church of England school, but also means that there are additional responsibilities for Parents/Carers. Governors and the Diocese.

For more information on our School Fund download the PDF file below:

Aston The School Fund


The Governing Body are divided into different committees. These are (click to expand):

Church, Safeguarding, Premises and Community (CSPC)

The Curriculum (Curr)

Personnel and Finance (P&F)

The Governing Body consists of 4 different types of Governor: 

Foundation Governor – These are appointed by the Church at Parish (PCC) or Diocesan Level. These Governors have the particular responsibility of upholding the Character and ethos of the school, following the trust deeds of our Anglican School.

Parent Governor – These are elected by the Parents of the school.

Teacher Governor – This will be a serving teacher at the school.

LA Governor – This Governor will be appointed by the Local Authority

Elections and appointments of Governors take place every four years if becoming a School Governor is something that interests you please do not hesitate to contact the School office for further details.

The full Governing Body meets five times a year. The agendas are full and the discussions are lively.

Parents can raise any concern with a governor at any time, although it is usually more appropriate to contact the Headteacher in the first instance. Information on contacting a governor, or requesting a copy of a particular school policy can be obtained from the school office.

Volunteers do not have to be parents or need first-hand experience of the education system. Anyone aged 18 or over, who can attend an average of two meetings per term, can add tremendous value to the school`s governing body. If you would like to help provide our children with the best possible education by considering becoming a School Governor, or by helping the school in any other way, please contact Julie Winwood, the headteacher, for further details.


If you would like the opportunity to speak to a member of the Governing Body please contact Christine Haigs in the school office, or speak to a Parent or Staff Governor.


Governors Name Type of Governor Committee Term of Office Further information
Chair of Governors
Mr Andrew Martin
Foundation P&F
01/09/2017 to
Background in Human Resources
Mrs Charlotte Claydon
FoundationCSPC 17/03/2017 to
Works with students from abroad
Parent of Year 6 pupil
Mrs Julie Winwood Headteacher
All committees
Curr (Chair)
01/01/2013 to date
Mrs Jane AndrewsLA GovernorCurr 07/09/15 to
English Teaching and Learning Advisor for Herts
for Learning
Mrs Barbara ElliottFoundationP&F17/08/2017 to
Schools Finance Management team in Herts for
Mr Roy FalderFoundationCSPC (Chair)01/09/2017 to
Clerk to the Parish Council
Cannon Brenda
Church and
CSPC24/07/2017 to
Works closely with Reverend Jennie Gray in the
local Parish
Mr Terry ReedParentP&F24/07/2017 to
Background in finance and computing. Parent to children in KS2
Mrs Margaret GibbsFoundationCSPC14/05/2018 to 12/05/2022Retired Deputy Headteacher/SENCO
Mrs Joyce AsemotaParentCurr01/09/17 to
Parent of two children in school
Mrs Lianne HolmesFoundationCSPC17/08/2017 to
Qualified teacher from the school
Mrs Jennifer MeekClerk to the GovernorsN/AN/A

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