School Council


Welcome to our School Council page!

Hello, we are the School Council, we have been chosen by members of our class ranging from Peartree (Year 1 ) to Danes (Years 5&6).  

Every week we have a meeting, Mr Preston (our school volunteer) takes the minutes but we do all the work.  Every month Mr Falder, who is our school governor and a member of the Aston Parish Council, comes in and talks to us about what has happened during the month and what is coming up and publishes in the Aston Parish Newsletter.

We also try and make the school a better place for pupils to learn and play.  

Our responsibilities are also to take any concerns from pupils and raise them in the meeting.


Peartree: Jessica and Charlie

Orchard: Danny and Poppy F

Haffydown: Kacie and Luca

Danes: Natalie and Alex


To make sure the school is a happy place for pupils.

To help people, be kind to and help children find new friends.

To encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements.

To take forward the best ideas to Mrs Winwood for her to consider.


Reviewed aims of the School Council and met MP Stephen McPartland.

Agreed to “Aston got Talent” fundraising show – to be planned Spring or Summer.

December/Christmas Journal to be organised with the PTFA.

Suggested that the school policy for pupils to wear either shorts or skorts for PE be adopted until the end of the school year.

Put forward a wish list for new gym equipment, which was accepted in full by Mrs Winwood.

Conducted a Pupil Voice survey in each class on pupil safety and safeguarding.


For more information please contact the school office who will be delighted to help you!

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