School Council


Welcome to our School Council page!

Hello, we are the School Council, we have been chosen by members of our class ranging from Peartree (Year 1 ) to Danes (Years 5&6).  

Regularly we have a meeting with Miss O’Brien.  She takes the minutes but we do all the work!  Every month Mr Falder, who is a friend of the school and a member of the Aston Parish Council, comes in and talks to us about what has happened during the month and what is coming up and publishes in the Aston Parish Newsletter.

We also try and make the school a better place for pupils to learn and play.  

Our responsibilities are also to take any concerns, ideas and suggestions from pupils and raise them in the meeting.


Year 6 – Isadora and Nathaniel

Year 5 – Teddy and Ella

Year 4 – Isabel

Year 3 – Stanley

Year 2 – Georgia

Year 1 – Cylah



To make sure the school is a happy place for pupils.

To help people, be kind to and help children find new friends.

To encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements.

To take forward the best ideas to Mrs Winwood for her and the school leaders to consider.


Our Councillors run their own stall at the Aston St Marys Christmas and Summer fayres, helping raise funds for our school.

To improve our end of year performances the children had expressed their wishes for a stage.  We raised over £2000 and now have a wonderful new stage to perform on.

HLC, our school catering company made a change in our schools dietary plans removing jelly from the dinner menu.  The school council disagreed with the decision and made a difference.  Back and forth we have written letters to Mrs Yearsley,  and we come to an agreement with jelly being a dessert on Monday and Thursday.  In time to come, we will invite Mrs Yearsley to our school to discuss further ideas.

New gym equipment (benches and mats) were bought, benefiting PE lessons.  Considering the equipment was years old, this was an essential addition to the school’s needs.

Beneficial litter pickers were bought in aid of the Eco club helping to support the environment.  Previous pickers were fragile and flimsy.  Subsequently, we brought reliable ones.


For more information please contact the school office who will be delighted to help you!