Hi, welcome to our class page!

Danes class is a mixed class of Year 5 and 6 children. Our teachers are Mrs Branagan and Miss Pear. We are lucky enough to have several other adults working with us as well. We are taught by Mrs Dean on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Mrs Evans teaches us French and RE and Mrs Crowley teaches us music. Mrs Carter helps us in our  lessons  every morning. As we are a large class, we have two teaching spaces; we are based in Danes classroom but we also have the Puddlebridge room which we use for English and Maths lessons. This means that we can be split into two teaching groups – it varies each day who is in which group.

As the oldest children in the school, we have lots of responsibilities although these look rather different at the moment due to the Covid restrictions. We are buddies with the youngest children in the school (Shackadell class). Usually, we would take them to lunch each day and also read with them every week. Sadly, we can’t do this at the moment so we have written them letters and met them from a distance on the playground! We love to wave at them from our classroom (where we now eat lunch) when they are eating or playing outside. We can’t wait until we are able to get to know them better.


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Danes Class Summer 1 Homework ProjectsDownload File
Danes Class Summer Information Letter April 2021Download File
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Danes Class Long Term Plan 2020-2021Download File
Danes Class Autumn 1 Homework ProjectsDownload File
Danes Class Autumn Term 2020 InformationDownload File
Year 6 SATs MeetingDownload File
Long Term Plan 2019-2020Download File
Danes Class Spring Term 1 HomeworkDownload File
Danes Class Spring Term Information Letter 2020Download File
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Danes Autumn Term 1 HomeworkDownload File
Danes Class Summer Term InformationDownload File
Year 6 Assessment InformationDownload File


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