The Aston Adventures


As part of our broad and balanced curriculum, we appreciate the importance of our children experiencing the joys of childhood and creating happy memories, whilst learning about the world around us and becoming active citizens.

Our children are encouraged to have fun, enjoy life and build their resilience.  In our inclusive environment, we provide opportunities for our children to use their imagination and creativity by exploring our world, learning outside the classroom and developing important life skills alongside generating a love of life itself. In this way, our children develop an interest and fascination both of their own environment and of the wider world. Most importantly, the Aston Experience provides them with those moments of awe and wonder that simply cannot be forgotten – lifelong memories are made.



Go on a birdwatch

Climb ladders and trees

Swing on a tyre

Hug trees

Cloud watching

Build dens

Visit a wildlife park

Spend our own money at the


Toast marshmallows

Make a birdbox

Planting bulbs to grow fruit and vegetables

Seasonal walks around the village

Visit an allotment

Build a bug hotel

Prepare Flash the tortoise’s hibernation box

Litter picking

Meet the police and fire fighters

Jump in puddles



Have a popcorn party

Draw in chalk on the playground

Play Chinese whispers

Make shape pizzas

Read a book outside

Paint like a famous artist

Play follow the leader

Visit a museum

Get to know a tree

Help a plant to grow

Be detectives

Collect natural objects

Become eco-warriors



Explore an Anglo Saxon Village

Become plant detectives

Prepare and taste our own food

Travel back in time to meet a significant person

Play in the leaves

Make skeletons using sticks, leaves and other natural resources

Invent and become new characters

Debate our opinions and ideas



Visit a museum

Learn how to save a life

Fly down a zip wire

Build a raft

Climb aboard an aircraft

Go star-gazing

Make a home for wildlife

Hide in the woods at night

Ride a bike safely on the road

Paint a glorious landscape

Make a pencil

Use a sewing machine

Lead prayers in church

Plan and lead whole school worship

Find our way with a map and compass



Perform on stage

Connect with the elderly generation – Sing at local care home

Care for our school dog (Miss Nellie) 

Toast a marshmallow on a campfire

Write our own prayers for worship

Learn to play an instrument

Run a mile 

Watch a film on the big screen

Compete on the sports field

Learn to look after God’s world

Swim like a fish

Worship in church

Enjoy singing our favourite hymns

Reflect upon our own lives and others through prayer         

Read a map and compass