School Meals


Excellent school dinners cooked on site!


We operate the Red, Green and Yellow options in school as:-

Red – meat option

Green – vegetarian option

Yellow – cold option (roll or baguette)

The menu is rotated on a three weekly basis as indicated in the colour bands on the menu.

School meals can be ordered from home , up until 8am each morning , and up to 3 weeks in advance via .

Our cook will prepare a meal for each child, ensuring every child gets their choice of meal, even if they are the last child to be served.   There may be the rare occasion when we may have to change the menu slightly due to unforeseen circumstances but we will advise you in advance as best we can.

Due to a lack of storage space within the school, we are unable to offer the packed lunch option to you, but will instead offer a roll/baguette/wrap with vegetables etc each day as an option for the children.

Payment for school meals is required in advance or as you order your meal.  Each meal costs £3.25.   You can now pay for meals online via the School Gateway app or via the website  


Dear Parents/Carers,

You may be entitled to FSM, you are able to apply online for quick and easy confirmation of eligibility at or phone on 0330 12 4084 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or between 9am and 4pm Saturday.


Please be advised that payments are due in advance or at the time you order your meal from home (before 8am). You can pay for meals online via the School Gateway .  

Dinner Money Fees £3.25 Per Meal



View the latest Choice Menu from HCL.