Welcome to Shackadell's Class News!

In Shackadell we have lots of fun, while we learn through our play!

We love learning lots of wonderful new things every day with our teachers Mrs Holmes and Mrs Lale and our lovely teaching assistants Mrs Lyme and Miss Heritage. Mrs Evans will be helping us too!

 Our teachers spend lots of time getting to know us, finding out what we know and what we enjoy doing to ensure we have a stimulating, exciting environment with plenty of learning opportunities that will challenge and extend our learning.  


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Jolly Phonics Songs

Phonics (Articulation of phonemes)


Every day we explore the seven areas of learning, which are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The child’s ability to work, play and co-operate with others.

Communication and Language

Listening, speaking, early reading and early writing skills.

Physical Development

Moving, handling, health and self-care.

Expressive Arts & Design

Being imaginative, exploring using media and materials.


Early reading and early writing skills.

Mathematical Development

The understanding of number, calculating, shape, space, measures and mathematical language.

Understanding the World

The world, technology, people and communities.


Click on each of the images below to find out what we have been learning about in class!

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