Shackadell (EYFS)


Welcome to Shackadell's Class News!

In Shackadell we have lots of fun, while we learn through our play!

We love learning lots of wonderful new things every day with our teachers Mrs Holmes and Mrs Lale and our lovely teaching assistant Ms Skull.

Our teachers spend lots of time getting to know us, finding out what we know and what we enjoy doing to ensure we have a stimulating, exciting environment with plenty of learning opportunities that will challenge and extend our learning.  


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Aston St Mary's EYFS Curriculum

Click on the image below to download the new EYFS Curriculum 2022.


Every day we explore the seven areas of learning, which are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Self regulation, managing self and building relationships.

Communication and Language

Listening attention and understanding and speaking.

Physical Development

Gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Expressive Arts & Design

Creating with materials. Being imaginative and expressive.


Comprehension, word reading and writing.

Mathematical Development

Number and numerical patterns.

Understanding the World

Past and present. People, culture and community. The natural world.

We are learning!

Click on each of the images below to find out what we have been learning about in class!

Phonics - Phase 2 Autumn 1 (Articulation)

Phonics - Phase 2 Autumn 2 (Articulation)

Phonics - Phase 3 (Articulation)



We explore maths in every area of our classroom. We count, measure, calculate and play with numbers.

Indoor water play

Indoor water play

We use a wide variety of jars, jugs, cups and pans to explore water indoors. We love to pour, splash, measure and learn using water and our fine motor skills.

Outdoor water play

Outdoor water play

Outside we love to explore the water using our gross motor skills. We use tubes, guttering, buckets and lots of other equipment.

Sand play

Sand play

In the sand we dig, pour, sieve, mould and more! We love to be creative and use our maths skills in the sand.

Investigation stations

Investigation station

We are always investigating the world around us both inside and outside. We use all of our senses to explore exciting objects.

Outdoor construction

Outdoor construction

In our outdoor construction we spend a lot of time building large objects, especially supporting our role play. We also use a lot of our sceince and investigation skills to plan, predict and explore the way things work.

Role play

Role play

We love to explore our imaginations using role play. Our role play area gives us the creative space to use our imagination to be whoever we want to be!

Indoor construction and small world

Indoor construction and small word

We use blocks, lego and many other contruction resources to create our structures. we often use our small world reources with our construction to make wonderful imaginative worlds.



We love to read! our classroom has a great place to snuggle up and enjoy a book or an audio book. we also have book boxes around the room to encourage us to explore reading.



We are encourged to use writing in every area of our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Our writing caddy means that we can access writing and mark making materials whenever we want.