Bayfordbury Observatory – Monday 21st January 2019

On the evening of Monday 21st January, Danes class enjoyed a visit to Bayfordbury Observatory. At first, we spent time learning some interesting facts about space from one of the astronomy students.

Bayfordbury Observatory features 7 large permanently-mounted optical telescopes, 4 radio telescopes, and a range of smaller instruments. We visited two of the domes and found out about how the different telescopes work. We also learnt about the radio telescope. Radio telescopes allow detailed observations to be made of the hidden hydrogen that makes up our own galaxy, as well as high-energy radio sources inside and outside our galaxy. An advantage of radio telescopes is that they can work during cloudy weather and during the day as well as at night.


Although the cloudy weather meant we were unable to see the stars and planets through the telescope we did see first hand how they work.  We also spent time in the planetarium where we learnt so much about the different constellations and also the planets.


It was a fantastic trip which allowed the children to learn from the experts!