A Visit to St. Albans

On Wednesday 4th October, Danes and Puddlebridge classes spent the day in St. Albans. Our morning was spent visiting Verulamium Museum to support our learning about Roman Britain. During our visit we had time to explore the museum as well as taking part in a workshop session which was perfect for bringing to life the topic of the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. The children were able to gain knowledge about the archaeologists who undertook the original excavations of Roman Verulamium. The children handled genuine artefacts to build a picture of daily life in the town. They considered the similarities, differences, continuity and changes between Roman times and their own lives.

We were lucky that the weather was kind to us so we were able to enjoy a picnic lunch and a run around in the park before walking up the hill to St. Albans Cathedral where we spent our afternoon. It was wonderful to be able to visit the cathedral and learn about the story of St. Alban as well as exploring the building as a place of Christian worship. It really was a very special experience! We were amazed by how long the Nave is – at 88 metres long it is the longest Nave in Britain! We learnt all about baptism and visited the font which is positioned close to the West End entrance to the building. The children were clearly awe-struck to see the shrines of St. Amphibalus (who inspired St. Alban to become a Christian) and St. Alban. Here, some of us lit a candle and took a moment of thought and reflection. We also wrote our own prayers and created doves of peace which will form part of a display in the cathedral next year.