English: Explanation Texts (October 2023)

In English, we have written leaflets to provide essential information to anyone wanting to explore mountainous terrain. First, we needed to become experts ourselves; we did lots of reading from books including: How To Be a World Explorer: Your all-terrain training manual – Lonely Planet, Not for Parents, Freaky Peaks (Horrible Geography) and Everest: The Remarkable Story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

We practised our writing skills by focussing on the use of modal verbs and adverbs, precise and effective use of expanded noun phrases and the effective use of conjunctions and adverbials for cohesion. When we were ready to start planning the content for our leaflets, we brainstormed ideas as a whole class. To do this we had six large planning sheets – one for each section of our guide. Each group then had two minutes to add as many ideas as possible to each sheet.

We drafted our writing in our English books before editing our writing independently. Finally we were ready to produce our final copies as leaflets. The outcomes were fantastic!