English – The Paper Bag Princess

In English, Haffydown have been reading Robert Munsch’s ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. The story details the heroic adventures of Princess Elizabeth, who attempts to save Prince Ronald from a fearsome Dragon, only to find out at the end of the story, that he does not want to be saved. Prince Ronald is ungrateful and insults Elizabeth’s appearance, even after she has cleverly tricked the Dragon into falling asleep.

Haffydown looked at the sentence structure of the book, the repeated phrases and the character development throughout the book. After an in-depth 3d story map lesson and brain storm, Haffydown planned and wrote their own fairy tale, from the Dragon’s point of view. They considered the Dragon’s motivation and the way he spoke, in order to build an interesting retelling on four parts of the story. Haffydown focused on their neat handwriting and presentation skills. Their stories have been compiled into a class book for us to enjoy throughout the year.