Between the 8th January and 19th February Shackadell will be taking part in the RSPB’s Big School’s Bird Watch. We have been looking at different types of birds and how we can encourage them to our garden, the school and Forest School area. We have put some feeders on our bird table and have already seen some blue tits, pigeons and a robin. We have even seen the blue tits going in and out of the bird box outside our classroom window.
During Forest School we took the clipboards and bird sheets outside. We spilt into two groups, one group went to spot birds at the bottom of the field and the other group went to look for birds in the Forest School area. We saw blue tits, a blackbird , some pigeons, a magpie and a robin. We will have another look another day. We talk about the types of birds that we have in our local area compared to other parts pf the world.

We have also been looking closely at some images of some of these common garden birds. We have been drawing some of the birds.