PSHE – Teamwork

Our PSHE unit this term focused on teamwork and communication. We learnt how to use non-verbal body language and listening skills to understand other people better and improve our skills as team players. In one challenge, Haffydown had to order themselves according to the numbers on their backs (no one knew what their own number was) without using any verbal communication at all! We learnt a lot about using facial expressions and working cooperatively with others. By the end, Haffydown ended up in one long line with all the numbers in the correct order. In Haffydown, everyone looks out for one another and it is common to see the children helping each other around the classroom, however, since our challenge, our listening skills have improved even more. You can watch the videos of our very quiet challenge below. You will see the children gently guiding each other into positon, using their hands to explain who has the bigger and smaller numbers, and lots of positive communication when the messages are recieved!