Field Studies: A Trip to The River Beane

As part of our geographical learning, we enjoyed a walk to the River Beane. This gave us an opportunity to observe, discuss and embed many aspects of our learning about rivers. The River Beane is one of the tributaries of the River Lea. Its source is not far from Aston to the north east of Stevenage, near to the villages of Sandon and Cromer. We identified the direction of flow and realised that this showed us in which direction Hertford is – the confluence of the Beane and the Lea is in Hertford. Unfortunately, whilst we were there we saw a few examples of pollution where people had dropped litter into or near the river.

On our visit we drew field sketches, took photographs and also measured the speed of the flow just after the ford. To to this, we timed how long it took for small dog biscuits to travel ten metres. We repeated the measurement lots of times and then calculated the average (mean).

When we returned to school, we annotated our field sketches and presented our learning to create a double page spread in our geography books.