Christmas Around the World Day

On Tuesday 7th December 2021, the whole school enjoyed a fun filled geography and RE enrichment day to discover how Christmas is celebrated around the world in different countries and cultures. Every class was assigned with a different continent to focus on. We stated the day with this virtual assembly to set the context.  The day we a huge a success and the children learnt so much about how different cultures celebrate this special time of year. Many children also brought in home learning expressing how they celebrate Christmas in their own cultures and families.

A Christmas prayer:

Dear God,

Though we might celebrate in different ways,

Christmas brings for many, meaningful days,

Jesus is born, what a wonderful reason,

For coming together to celebrate the season.

Thank you for all that we have this Christmas time,

For giving us the gift of your son – Jesus,

Who was born in a stable but worshipped by angels.

Be with all who are lonely and all those who feel distance form celebrations this Christmas.

Be for us, a living hope that lightens their hearts.